Title: Emerging Trends in Employment Relations in Africa: National and International Perspectives.

Keynote address: Global Trends in Employment Relations in Africa: Implications for Global Competitiveness by Imonitie Christopher Imoisili- (pdf 297kB)

1st Parallel Session

1a: Industrial Relations and Social Security Issues

1b: Education, Training & Changing Nature of Work

1c: Public Service Reforms & Employment Relations

First Plenary Session: Theoretical & Conceptual Issues in Industrial Relations

Second Plenary Session: Institutions and Legal/Regulatory Framework

2nd Parallel Session

2a: Industrial Relations & Social Security Issues

2b: Trade Unions & Civil Society

2c: Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility

Third Plenary Session: Presentation of Research Report on Industrial Relations and Collective Bargaining Developments in Select African Countries

(ILO sponsered project – Co-ordinated by Susan Hayter

3rd Parallel Session

3a: Gender Issues and Female Participation

3b: Corporate Governance & Organizational Performance

3c: Occupational Safety & Health

Fourth Plenary Session: Roundtable on Workers’ Participation

(Sponsered by Freidrich Ebert Foundation)

4th Parallel Session

4a: Managing Workplace Relations

4b: Global Financial Meltdown & Employment Relations

5th Parallel Session

5a: Trade Union, Civil Society & Workers’ Protection

5b: Collective Bargaining and Workplace Relations

5c: Labour Migration and Migrant Workers’ Rights