How to join

Industrial relations directors, officers or practitioners as well as social dialogue specialists, labour administrators, employment relations specialists, human resource consultants, members and representatives of workers’ and employers’ organizations, government officials, labour lawyers, students, academics and all others dealing with employee relations would greatly benefit from becoming a member of the International Labour and Employment Relations Association and from participating in our congresses.

Types of membership

There are three categories of members of ILERA namely, full member (or national member), institutional associate member, individual associate member.

  • Full Members may be national or regional industrial relations associations, the primary purpose of which is the advancement of knowledge and research in the industrial and employment relations field or national or regional committees where such associations do not exist.
    The current annual dues for full members are as follows:
    CHF 40.00 for associations with up to 25 members;
    CHF 65.00 for associations with 26 to 100 members; and
    CHF 100.00 for associations with over 100 members.
  • Institutional associate membership is open to universities and colleges or departments thereof and other research institutes concerned with the scholarly study of industrial relations.
    Annual dues: CHF 60.00
  • Individual associate membership is open to persons engaged in industrial relations research or teaching activities in academic or research institutions, as well as practitioners in the industrial relations field. Annual dues: CHF 25.00

ILERA Electronic Newsletter and Membership Directory

The ILERA Electronic Newsletter is published at least twice per year, and includes news about ILERA activities, activities of members, forthcoming meetings, ongoing research projects, recent publications, book notes etc. The Newsletter, as well as individual announcements, are sent by e-mail to all ILERA members. Please inform the ILERA secretariat of any changes in your e-mail address as soon as possible. ILERA members are welcome to send any information that might be of interest for inclusion in the Newsletter to the ILERA Secretariat.

ILERA Members will be automatically listed in the Membership Directory. The username and password will be sent upon the acceptance of applications. The Directory contains the names and addresses of all members, as well as information on their professional activities and research and can be updated directly on-line.

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