Effective labour regulation is fundamental to development, and to reaching the Sustainable Development Goals
by 2030. Labour is at the heart of human, economic and social development. Striking the right balance in
labour regulation is therefore critical. The Academy’s program provides the theoretical and practical knowledge
required to develop effective labour regulation for development. It takes a multidisciplinary approach, drawing
on economic, human rights and legal perspectives on labour regulation. Particular emphasis is placed on how
labour regulation can be effective for vulnerable groups in the labour market, and on the impact of COVID-19
on labour regulation. The Academy will provide a global forum to learn from high-level international experts,
discuss and share experience with practitioners, and to test practical approaches and innovative methodologies.
During the three weeks, participants will come together in plenary sessions, and participate in a wide range
of hands-on, elective thematic track sessions and experience-sharing sessions. To encourage learning through
active participation, a lot of space is devoted to case studies, role-plays, and guided group discussions.

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