Cape Town, South Africa, 5-8 March 2002

Welcoming Address at the Opening Ceremony

Africa in a changing world: Socio-economic and political challenges for governments, unions and employers

Presentations focused on: Declining union membership/ unionisation, AIDS, Unemployment, Wealth redistribution, Poverty alleviation, Social responsibility, Social partnership, National conflicts and Informal sectors

Unlocking opportunities in the context of African values: Capacity-building and workplace level dynamics

Papers focused on: Education, Training and Development, HR Management, Culture, Individualism versus collectivism, Workplace participation, Industrial democracy, Changing nature of work and Collective bargaining

Employment Relations Systems in Africa: Equity versus Efficiency

Papers focused on: Labour standards and job creation, The effect of globalization on the labour market, Wages, productivity and employment, Harmonisation of labour laws, Comparative labour law, Employment equity and Affirmative action.